UrbaPEJ Dalifort VIDEO young people Sketch: English version STOP THE BAD BEHAVIOR

UrbaPEJ Dalifort  VIDEO

young people Sketch: English version


Warning: This skit was performed by youth of the municipality Dalifort to raise awareness on waste management , wastewater and inform about the UrbaPEJ project. It was produced at the community launch of the project in the presence of the population , municipal authorities and representatives of central administrative authorities.  The sketch deals with young people who used to from sunset to sunrise drink tea and engaged in malpractices and women who used to pour dirty water and household refuse in the street by voicing that it is a public place and they consequently have the right to do whatever they feel and like in it.
Thanks to the young people from the Federation of the Associations of Dalifort, the women counselors and the members of the English Club (Dalifort English Family), through the project UrbaPEJ which is considered as having come on due time, these young people and women have finally changed their bad behaviors et have committed themselves to working for the successfulness and the well being of the project and the development of their locality.

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